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King Akhenaten
Resilient and powerful King
The Revolutionary of Monotheism the ATEN

Akhenan was the tenth ruler of the Eighteeth Dynasty. His wife was the beautiful Queen Nefertiti. Akhenatens reging saw enormous innovation and change. He chose to alter the religion status and ways of worshiping and change the entire style of art and temple archecture. He considered himself the ruler of the living and the dead. And served ATEN which is the Sun god.
He began his rule as Amenhotep 1V with the same name as his father which meant “Amun is Satisfied” but five years later in his reign he change his name to Akhenaten “Benefiicence of the Aten” and extended the the name of his wife to Nefernefeuaten “Fair is the beauty of the Aten” . the Aten was a reverence to God the creator of life and the ruler of the dead. In history known that is Ya was meant in the representation of God so if you put the Yaten then that represents God in his entirety. He is famous for the mono God for there were too much confusion who to serve and he did as Yuya did and carried the name on.
The images of Akhenaten reign reveals that his worship of the Aten was unprecedented. Akehenaten sent out agents throughout Egypt from his courts to destroy the cult statues of other deities and exercise their names by dispensing with the representations of a world of humans and animals and with the myths associated with them. He took the worship to a whole new level of the RE which is the ATEN the Sun God. The Aten was mixed into every form of Egyptian culture and history during and after Akenhenaten. The Sun God prior to Akehentan was represented as a man with a hawk head. He did away with that and made the ATEN worship to a sun solar disc (the sun gives us life without the sun effect on this planet we would eventually be in darkness and die). He had statues hewed in the royal family and himself in more of a human form instead of the immortal statues form with no alterations. (Some Alterations to the nasal area has been done after the finding his tomb no one really knows why for he had ethic features. Same for his wife who had very strong ethic features also even a faked bust of his wife which favors more of a European feaurture instead of her true self.).
He founded a new capital and Called the place Akhetaten “ Horizon of the Aten” which was between at the border between Middle and Upper Egypt on the east bank of the nile about 175 miles north of Cairo. This was for political reasons that are why he chose this virgin site to build. He had steale erected to designate the site of his city the inscriptions on them dedicated all the buildings and their inhabitants to the Aten. This was a large city; including housing of all sizes, palaces, temples, workshops, factories, bakeries, and administrative buildings was swiftly erected on the site. Many of th structures were enormous, elaborate and highly decorate but because of the speed with which they had been built they were largely of mudbrick and consequently very little did survive. The buildings were decorated using sunk relief, rather than the favored, but incredibly time consuming raised relief. At the center of all this innovation and upheaval was the Aten Which Akhenaten elevated to the status of sole god in an attempt to eliminate the traditional pantheon. The plethora of gods and goddesses, with all the myths and festival rituals associated with them were set aside for the duration of his reign.
This great new religious city of Akhetaten only lasted a brief 15 – 16 years and the entire era of the rise of Atenism, called the Amarna Era, lasted no more than 33 years.

There is archaeological evidence for the increasing importance of the ATEN which was taken up as the main God in Christianity in all or the ritual rites the sun disc is clearly used and depicted in painting and in the black Madonna and child also with the holy Eucharist which is held in a sun ray holder and closed back into a mausoleum basically with a pyramid top evidently stating not openly but the true ATEN.



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