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Chester Arthur “Chet” Brewer

(1907 – 1990)

 Chester Arthur “Chet” Brewer was an American right-handed pitcher in baseball’s Negro Leagues. Born in Leavenworth, Kansas, he played for the Kansas City Monarchs, and from 1957 to 1974 he scouted for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Brewer toiled on the mounds of black baseball for twenty-four years with an assortment of teams throughout the world, including China, Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Santo Domingo, and in forty-four of the forty-eight continental United States. While with the Kansas City Monarchs, he was a part of legendary starting rotations including Satchel Paige and Bullet Rogan. Brewer had a lively fastball and a devastating overhand “drop ball,” which was especially tough on left-handed hitters. He also threw a scuffed baseball, known as an “emery ball” (learned from Emory Osborne and Ted “Double Duty” Radcliffe. when such practice was legal.

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