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Carol Elizabeth Moseley

Carol Moseley-Braun was elected to Senate in 1992. Her win made her the first African-American woman elected to the United States Senate, the first African-American senator to be elected as a Democrat, and the first woman elected to the Senate from Illinois in the history of the United States of America.


Carol Elizabeth Moseley was born on August 16, 1947. Her parents were Joseph Moseley a policeman and Edna Moseley a medical assistant. Her parents divorced, and at age 16. After her parents split she was left in the care of her grandmother who was loving and taught her all the necessities and encouraged her passion. Carol and her grandmother resided in the rough neighbourhood of Chicago called the Buket of Blood. She was involved in the civil rights movement. She marched with Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. in an all-white neighborhood to protest segregation. These events, along with the Mississippi lynching of Chicago teenager Emmitt Till, shaped her activism.
She excelled in academics and completed all grades to graducate. After completing High School she enrolled in The University of Illinois and majored in law and received her BA degree. She completed her studies. Carol received her degree in law in 1972 from the university of Chicago.
She met and married Michael Braun in 1973. In the year of 1986 they divorced. Together they had one son Matthew whom was born in 1977.
Carol employment was with the Chicago offices of the Justice Department, where she won the Attorney General’s Special Achievement Award in 1975. Three years later, after being recruited by neighbors, she was elected to the Illinois House. Her focus was on public education, welfare reform, and gun control. She rose to become Assistant Majority Leader. She retired from that position in 1987, her peers named her “Conscience of the House.” She further went on to win election as Recorder of Deeds — a position that seems merely clerical, but holds power in Illinois governance. She served there until her run for the U.S. Senate.





During this time period in 1991 when the Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case was in process, which angered a lot of the percentage of Chicagoans women at the time. Illinois’ Democratic Senator Alan Dixon voted to confirm Clarence Thomas as a justice of the US Supreme Court. Carol was very disappointed by this as it was a downgrade of women.
Carol led an out war campaign against Dixon in the primary for the Senate seat and won victoriously with the help of her fellow Democrats. Illinois often votes Republican, however, and the general election also was a challenge. Women all over America sent donations to help her defeat the Republican nominee, and she won 53% of the vote. The “Year of the Women” had mixed results elsewhere, but Carol Moseley-Braun was its best exemplar.
She was the First and only African American in the U.S. Senate.
She was the first woman to serve on the Senate Finance Committee and the equally powerful Judiciary Committee. Her legislative initiatives included an innovative Education Infrastructure Act, the Women’s Pension Equity Act, and historic preservation for the Civil War’s “Underground Railroad” sites.
President Bill Clinton gave Carol the position of ambassador to New Zealand, Samoa, the Cook Islands and Antarctica.
On September 11, 2003, she publicly announced she will run for the presidency at Howard University in Washington, D.C. She stated that her political life experience in local, state, national and international government made her a well-rounded candidate.
Campaign funding was not easy for her. Her pettions were not enough to get her into the race and on January 15, 2004 she declared she will not be running again on the John Stewart’s Daily show. She stated she will endorse Dean. She is practicing law in Chicago. Carol Moseley-Braun also recently launched a line of organic food products called “Ambassador Organics.



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