Neville Sobers is an accomplished Jeweler in the state of New York. He attended St. John University, New York and Bauder Fashion College, Ft. Lauderdale Florida. He is from a biracial marriage. After school he was able to work for the African Burial Ground in New York. This is when he decided to proceed with his passion with the best integrity to create and implement a Knowledgeable site regarding the truth about mentioned and unmentioned important minorities in history and events with the correct information that has not been compromised. Through research and collective data from various sources including Library of Congress this site was completed and established in 2013 with the Co-Chairman Michael Sobers of GME Group Inc. Multimedia Company. Miempowerment.Com ( Minority Inventors Empowerment) is the most correct information regarding The Events of Slavery, Civil Rights Movement, Minority Political leaders, Inventors, African American First in history,  Entertainers and Athletes. The company and site is funded by Neville himself.

This is a one-stop Empowering site to encourage and to educate, motivate for the advancement of  the present and future generations.

The site is an ongoing production for resources.

We would like to thank you for taking interest in our educational services and for visiting our site.

coming soon will be Minority Inventors Empowerment Shop and Book.


“ A mind is a terrible thing to waste”-MLK

“ In all that you do in life, do it with the best integrity for the benefit of human kind by – NS.”

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